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Friday, June 15, 2012

Thoughts from the Thing

HAI!  I missed you - yes, you...right there in the front. Yeah.  You.  Thanks for coming. 

It's a "school" day - time to wake the Thing and Stanky, as is usual, by a light tickle and kisses.

Me: Wakey wakey wakey!  Time to get ready for school!

Thing: muhhhhhewaashsshtang (rolls to other side of MY bed)

Me: Thiiiiiiiiing!  (tickle tickle, remove wet pull-up)

crickets are chirping, the fan is turning, and nothing else is happening.

Me: THIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!  Wakey wakey! (tickles sides and pinches adorable little toddler butt).

Thing: (again with the rolling away from me - ugh)  Knock it off!  Keepa hans to self, Ise twynda sneep hewer!

Me: crickets are chirping again.  Snort-laugh.  Babe!  Come get your kid up - he's turning into a snotty teenager!

That is all.

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