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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Thing schools Papa

My dad has a no-food-in-the-living-room policy.  Thing is constanly pushing this by toting a sippy cup in there, innocently batting his eyes and explaining that the cup "it hava did papa, see, the did?  So wone shpill."

Wednesdays are "Nana Days" - all 3 maniacs stay with Nana all day, wreaking havoc and eating junk.  So obviously, this happened on a Wednesday.  I know, I'm slow to post.  I've got 3 kids - don't hate!

Papa - Thing, whats that? (points to offending sippy cup)

Thing - Mah shippy cuup.

Papa - Where are you supposed to be?

Thing - Da shichen.

Papa - So...what are you doing with that in the living room?

Thing - (innocent batting of eyes, looks Papa up and down, points to Papa's handful of crackers) What YOU dewin?  You eat dat inna sichen Papa!

Papa - Dang it!  (trudges to kitchen with handful of contraband crackers, only to have half of said contraband confiscated by pint-sized dictator/enforcer)

That is all.

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