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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Candy-crazed like a meth-head

I made the mistake of bringing home a box filled with a few different cookies and some yummy candy treats from work the other day.  Like a good mother, each child was given 1 cookie that day as snack, and, provided they ate their entire dinner without complaint (notice the caveat there? LOL)  a cookie OR piece of candy would be allowed for dessert.

Needless to say, all three acted like meth-monkeys during dinner, whined about NEVER getting candy/cookies/hugs/kisses/love/air/etc and basically drove me insane by asking every 0.001 seconds if they could be done. 

Um, I thought ENTIRE. DINNER. was more than clear.  If the plate wasn't clear (and BTW, they do get kid-sized portions, on salad-sized plates - I'm not a food-Nazi), there would be no dessert. 

#1 ate.  Asked for seconds.  Ate, asked to be excused, cleared his place and elected to wait a while before shoving a treat down his gullet.  He was reminded that no treats would be forthcoming after 7 pm due to bedtime, which he acknowledged.

#2, as usual, picked at his food, whined about what was on his plate, called everything nasty, and was, in general, a whiny hot mess pain in my patootie for six times as long as it took everyone else to eat and clear.  In the end, he ate his dinner and got his cookie.

#3.  Well, #3.  He took a bite, asked to be done.  Another bite, another question.  For 20 minutes.  I think more food fell out of his mouth during his cross than he actually got onto his fork.  But, he ate his dinner and cleared his place, therefore he got his cookie.

It's now pushing 8 pm.  #1 remembered that he has a cookie/treat order pending.  And proceeded to totally lose his schmidt when told he couldn't have it.  So he thought a better idea would be to try and sneak it the next morning.  Yeah.  Dude, you have two brothers who are more than happy to rat you out in the hopes of securing something tasty for themselves. 

The box has been around for 2 days now.  I've had 6 cookies and a KitKat bar. 

Mom: 7     Kids: 3     I think I won.  This time.  And Halloween is just around the corner (shudder).


  1. Do you know what a hard time I have focusing once someone writes "cookies"????


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