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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Lydia from RantsFromMommyland is over at Babble today, sharing about her littlests 'old soul'.  It got me thinking about PigPen (aka Thing), and his increasingly crotchety personality.  Like a few days ago:

Big Boys: WherewegoinWherewegoinIsitTargetIsitPizzaWherewegoinWherewegoin...
Me: GAH!  Shaddup and go.  Just, GO.  Get in the car or something.  You'll find out when we get there.
Big Boys: WherewegoinWherewegoinIsitIsitIsitWherewegoin...
Me: BOYS!  Get. In. The. CAR.
PigPen has been quietly watching this scene unfold as he kicks his feet away from my shoe-applying hands.  His patience is apparently wearing thin, as evidenced by his huffs and puffs of frustration every time my attention wavers to his brothers.

Me: How many times do I have to ASK?!
Big Boys: WherewegoinWherewegoinWherewegoin....
Pig Pen: interrupts above tirade, 'Shaddup.  We goin ta Nana's House DUMBASS. Now get inna dam cawr!'

Me: snort
Daddy: Did he just...?
Me: Yeah, he did.
Big Boys: MOOOOOOMMM!  Piggy said a swear! Piggy said a SWEAR!! AT ME! Ya neeta spank his bootie!
Pig Pen: Oh yeah?  Well I's gonna pank YOU tootie witta BEWLT an I make ewe CWY likeda wittdle guhrl! BABY.

Baby, you KNOW I'm right.
The End.

Stanky wishes to remain faceless.


  1. I wish I could ride in that dam cawr to hear some of this stuff in person! Hilarious!


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