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Thursday, October 28, 2010

$hit. Literally.

What a whuckin day!  Spent 3.5 hours with 54 kindergartners.  FINALLY justnow got the stinking songs out of my head.  Seriously?  A song about the color blue to the tune of Farmer-in-the-Dell?  Wow.  Who woulda thunk it?

Punkin' patchin' was fun.  Exhausting, but fun.  Hit up the dollar store on the way to work for a few Halloween-y things.  Hit Target for costumes on the way home to pick up the boys, since, as previously posted, Trunk-or-Treat was tonight.

Of course, the boys were high on choc chip & M&M cookies courtesy of Nana.  Refused any sort of dinner, stripped nekkid to don costumes, while I run around trying to change out of my freakin' work clothes.  All between 545 and 601 pm.  Soooo, we made it.  Trunk-or-Treat.  But I thought that was it.  Until we entered the   seventh circle of hell called the multipurpose room at CE.

I can't believe my ears aren't still ringing bleeding.

Got home FINALLY at 8 (an hour past bedtime, whuck?)

THING beelines to the toy area after bath - no big.  Until I see him attempting to feast upon cat vomit.  CAT. VOMIT.  I puked a little in my mouth.

Cleaned that up.  Whatever, poor kitty is old and decrepit.  What's a little cat vomit in the scheme of things?  Until I see the cat POOP.  And notice the office door closed (of course, that's where the cat box lives).  And WHERE, you ask, was THING when I discovered said poop?  Oh, he was picking at the carpet trying to rustle up some green pukey bits until he saw the poop, then it was enlisting Whinemaster (who has the gag reflex of, well, nevermind) to quickly run the toiletpaper-wrapped poop to the bathroom while herding THING away from the interesting squishy lumps on the floor.

Where was Divo during all this you ask?  Upstairs dramatically throwing himself repeatedly on the bed to demonstrate just how tired he was, as it was apparently too tired to eat his dinner but not tired enough to lay his a$$ down and sleep.

D-lite?  Expanding his brain across town.  I can't WAIT until it's his turn to do one of these crazy days alone! But tomorrow, I shall sit stoicly by his side in the Pee Palace, awaiting the ultimate sacrifice.  Or so he says.  Little does he know I'll be dressed as a Momcess tomorrow for Halloween party at work ;)  That should embarrass him.  Maybe not the tiara, but at least the beribboned toilet bowl brush I shall brandish as my royal scepter...

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