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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thaaaaat's Right Beeatches!

So, if you know us IRL, you already know that D-lite has an AWESOME new job to start in 2 weeks.  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  Seriously?  We are over the flipping moon over this!  Like, totally m'kay?

I cannot even describe to you how proud I am of D, or of his tenacity over the last 6 (actually more like 12) years.  True, sometimes his integrity makes me want to yank it out and bash it over the head with a sledgehammer, but it's his, and, while it really did may have hindered his ability to promote, it's part of the reason I love him so much and part of why he got this job.

Integrity can be a bitch.  It makes you refuse to a$$kiss (severely edited since I don't know everyone who reads this crap and I don't want to burn any bridges for him!) and work just thatmuch harder to get where you want KNOW you are supposed to be.  It also makes you bite your tongue in half when faced with jackholes on a regular basis who don't know half what they think they know, and less than 1/4 of what you know.  But they are your "superior".  Bitches.

And things are already different.  He's not so snarky.  His review of "The List" is now done with laughter and a smirk, rather than reviewed with defeat.  He plays with the kids more.  We talk more.  He's HIM again.  And it's great.

And apparently this is a BIG F'n DEAL - there's a whole flippin' CEREMONY for us to attend where he gets his badge and accoutrements the Friday before his first day.  He gets to go shopping for uniforms without me worrying how the hell we are going to pay for them.  We don't have to worry about finding the cheapest place to get boots that are nice enough that nobody will notice they aren't XYZ boots that cost $200.  We don't have to budget quite so creatively.  And it's great.

I am so PROUD that somebody finally woke the whuck up saw in D what I see - a hardworking, intelligent, eager, brimming-with-integrity, man who could do nothing but complement and enhance the department he's working for.  He's NOT expendable.  He's NOT underqualified (all you dumb-shots that pick and choose are) and he's NOT a liability like those unexperienced, over-schooled, not a practical hair on their heads, promotees more than likely are.  He's GREAT.

(I think I'm channeling Tony the Tiger today)

It's a commute.  It's probably a little less time to spend as a family each day.  But MAN, what a change in the QUALITY of the time spent as a family!  Everyone is relaxing a bit, not so on-edge.  Silliness is returning, and that's a relief.  There has been much to little silliness this last little while. 

Change is often difficult.  It can be huge and dark and scary like that creepy house on Clovis Avenue they open for tours every Halloween.  But it can also be the best thing in the world, and turn us into SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE HOLDING HANDS.  (wow - I think I just made myself really old).

Shoooowww, THAAAAAAT'S RIGHT BEATCHES!  He's THERE.  The next step that you all jackholes of the planet tried to keep him knocked off of.  And guess what bitches?  He's already got his foot on the next step up!  THAAAAAT's RIGHT!  F-in A it is!

(note to self - do NOT drink coffee before posting next blog)

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