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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What do you mean TOMORROW???

So, I've recently (like, just now) realized (been rudely informed) that Halloween is SUNDAY.  As in, like, 3.5 days from this moment.  AND, that tomorrow, in addition to Divo's First Field Trip, the equally fun Trunk-or-Treat event is being held at school.  Which I hear is actually pretty fun for the kids, but is causing me nothing but anxiety. 

Whinemaster has decided he will go as Batman - yahoo!  We already have a costume.  Throw in a couple new accessories and he's good to go.  THING is going as a monkey, cause that's what we've got and he's too little to argue about it.

Divo, on the other hand, has informed us he wants to be a WOLF.  Not really a werewolf (they scare him), but more like the animal.  M'kay, m'kay, now, where the schmidt am I supposed to get an animal wolf costume 3.5, oh, I'm sorry, less than 30 hours before dress-up time that:
a) looks decent and won't MomFail me yet again in the eyes of the PTC PM's, and
b) lives up to Divo's recent unrealistic expectations of just about every freakin' thing

Hmmm?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  (crickets chirp too loud)

Okay, so he's gonna end up going in a sweatsuit stuffed with fake furn and a headband with ears.  GREAT.  Hi, my name is Julie, aka MomFail.  Feel free to contribute to my anxiety level......NOW.

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  1. At least you're not throwing a holey sheet or a trash bag over your kids' heads and calling it a costume. Or making them wear the same Bugs Bunny costume at age 8, that they wore at age 4.


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