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Friday, October 1, 2010

Is it really October?

 Where did the year go?!  Thing is now 1 and officially a TODDLER.  He will even be going to the toddler daycare classroom starting on Tuesday - I'm a little sad :(
Divo is looking forward to his first field trip, and Whinemaster-Lo is chomping at the bit to get back to "school".  Apparently I don't do enough "fun" things when I'm home from work, and I never take them to the park anymore.  Boo-whuckin-hoo.

As a result of the Toilet Incident of 2010, we will be getting new tile in all of the bathrooms, AND in the kitchen starting on Monday!  I can't wait! 

Unfortunately, D-lite is being a bit of a pain about the whole 'nobody can be in the house while the crew is working' thing.  Umm, how many people have to personally vouch for a licensed, bonded, CHRISTIAN man before you will allow him to do the job he is being paid to do?


So it's Friday.  And the only thing I HAVE to do this weekend is take the old cable boxes back to comcast, because we got Direct TV which is waaaaaay cheaper and so far totally rocks!  Seriously, we are getting more channels for about 1/3 less than we paid the money-grubbing, paycheck-sucking wonderful, customer-service-oriented cable people to continually have "outages" in our area, zap out box during crucial 'Star Wars the Clone Wars' episodes, and lose all of our DVR programs.

Can I just say that WOW Direct, your appointment interval was 4 - 8 pm.  I fully expected to see you around 8:30 pm, as my previous experiences with the entity named above had prepared me.  Imagine my surprise (knock me over with a feather!) when your very courteous, well-mannered & tolerant installer arrived at 4:18 and apologized for being late!  Now THAT's customer service!

I don't even have to cook tonight.  Plopped some taters and a big 'ol turkey boob in the crock pot before I ran out of the house late this morning, so dinner will be ready when I walk in the door.  I love that.

Oh, I have to thank Steph at CrockPot 365 for all of the wonderful recipes!  Especially since I'll be crockpotting all week next week, what with my kitchen all over the house :)

For all you moms out there viewing my blog (all 3 of you!), you HAVE to check out Rants From Mommyland.  It's frickin HILARIOUS.  And so relatable!

Aaaaaand on that note, I'm back to work.  Sort of.  After all, it's FRIDAY!

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