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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Logan, as he's flipping through the Sunday ads, "Mom, I wishit dad could played football like that." as he points to a photo of a player flying through the air to make an impossible catch.  Before I could come up with a suitable answer, "But he's getting too old for that shit, ooops, I mean crap." 

Aidan, taking to heart the lesson Nana was teaching about Satan and temptation: Nana: "Aidan why did you push your friend for no reason?  Wasn't there anything inside of you telling you that was a wrong choice?"  Aidan: "Well, yeah, but Satan made me do it - he's louder."

Logan, rationalizing his exhibitionist tendencies: "Mom, it's not ok to show people our peenee's right?" Me: "Nope, your penis is part of your private parts and shouldn't be shown to everyone."  Logan: "Yup.  HEY!  Wanna see my fat butt-cheeks?" proceeded to moon me and his godmother. 

Logan: "Mom, what should I call my penis?" Me: "Um, well honey, just call it what it is, a penis."  Logan: "Aidan calls it a pipe.  It's sorta like a pipe.  And sometimes we call it junk, or balls, or nuts.  Why do we call it nuts if you can't eat it?"  Me, struggling not to laugh my ass off: "There are lots of nicknames for body parts, like we call toes piggies, and your head is your noggin.  Those are all just nicknames for a body part that people get embarrassed talking about."  Logan: "It's my lite-savor (lightsaber a la Star Wars)." runs out of the room "Aidan!  Wanna play lite-savor fight???!!!"  I just had to shake my head and let it go.  Aidan wasn't about to whip it out for a sword fight - he's been hurt too many times!

Ahhh the joys of boys.

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