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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MomFail to the, well, not the rescue!

We all do it.  Slap the snooze button 9 too many times and then rush around blaming the lateness on the kids or the pets or the bus or the weather.  But it was just so cozy in bed this morning, even with little knees shoved up under my kidneys.

Thought I was doing so well!  Kindy snack packed and in car - check.  THING's bottles mixed, packed and in the car - check.  Big kids up, fed, dressed and on way to car - check, check, double-check.  Missing kid - still sleeping!  No wonder it was so quiet!

Run up stairs, scoop kid up, pull one leg out of footie jammies for on-the-fly diaper change, throw kid in carseat.  Run back inside because I'm still wearing my slippers and haven't put a decent shirt on yet.  Grab salvation coffee. 

3 kids in car - check.  Purse & wallet - check.  Shoes on kids - well, mostly check there's some tears and histrionics going on today. 

Divo off to campus club with minimum of fuss - check!!!!

Drive drive drive.  SHIT! says I at Cedar/Herndon.  "Whiny, are THING's shoes on the floor back there?"

"Noooooo and my SHEW is naught WOKING!!! I need some hep...(insert incredibly urgent voice here) PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE!!!!! Mom I gotta GO really BAD RIGHT NOW! You FORGOT to make me go before we left!"

As THING happily flicks milk from the nipple of the bottle he refuses to be weaned from at the whining, pee-filled kid who needs liquid flicked at him like I need pee in the car.  Thank God for cell phones.  Nana can scoop up some shoes in an hour and drop them off.  At least I remembered the extra set of clothes in the diaper bag...

Nothing like a kid going to school in jammies and one ready to pee the car.  Happy Wednesday to me...

*Clipart courtesy of RantsFromMommyLand.  Again.  I just love them!

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